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All the works presented on our site are the original works carried out completely by the hand of JYPO. An invoice in particular containing the specifications provided at the time of the placing of the order and relating to nature, the composition, the origin and the seniority of work, will be provided on request of your share

JYPO being the creator of its works profits from the moral and patrimonial rights and this of manner exclusive. All works of existing JYPO as their photographs are reserved for the title of the royalty like to the intellectual document of title and whole world. For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the code of the intellectual property: L.111-1, any reproduction total or partial of works of JYPO is strictly prohibited for all over the world. For this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the code of the intellectual property: L.111-1, any reproduction total or partial of works of JYPO is strictly prohibited.

– Article 1 – Who are we ?

We are an one-man business, identified by the domain name JYPO, registered with the room of trade and the craft industry of Herault ( France) under the number 306394222RM340, whose activity is the painting for its exposure and of its sale in particular on numerical support.

– Article 2 – the present conditions of sale, what for ?

The present conditions of sale define the conditions to which we sell the works of art, like their photographic reproductions on our site like your rights and obligations in this respect. The fact for you, to fill a purchase order on our site and to confirm this order is worth acceptance full and whole these general conditions, which, added to the purchase order, constitute your contract.

– Article 3 – When will you be delivered ?

The delivery will be carried out, during the business hours, with the address of delivery which you will have indicated on your purchase order. The deadlines vary according to the order and from the quantity. The transfer of the risks concerning the works of art bought by you takes place dice their handing-over by the artist with the conveyor. It belongs to you, in the event of failure or of damage, to issue precise and detailed reserves near the conveyor, at the time of the delivery and at the latest in the three days (excluded public holidays) by e-mail or postal mail with

– Article 4 – Your rights on work.

The artist, to have taken the initiative of his creation, remains titular royalties on his creation, within the meaning of the French law. The rights of representation and reproduction of works present on the site belong to its author JYPO. Its joint authorization is necessary for any exploitation of these rights. Your rights on bought work are thus limited to a right of private user, very excluding right of representation and reproduction.

– Article 5 – What do we make information concerning you ?

We commit ourselves not revealing with thirds information that you communicate to us. Those are confidential. They will be used only for the treatment of your order like informing you of the innovations relating to JYPO.

– Article 6 – How the cause beyond control can affect your contract ?

We could not responsible or be regarded as having made a fault in the treatment for your file before the formation of the contract or in the execution of this one, any delay or any inexecution, if such a delay or such an inexecution results from a case of absolute necessity (for example a storm) in accordance with article 1148 of the civil code, as interpreted by the French jurispruedence.

– Article 7 – Which are your guarantees ?

We commit ourselves respecting all the legal guarantees of which you could prevail. The works presented on our site being in conformity with the regulations of the French law, we could not be held responsible for the violation of the legislation specific to the country of delivery of work. Consequently, we invite you to take note of the law in force in the country of delivery.

– Article 8 – Which is the applicable duty ?

The contract is governed by the french law .All differences born to the formation from interpretation from the execution of the contract will be subjected to the exclusive competence of the courts of Paris.

– Article 9 – Prices

The price of our products are indicated in euros all inclusive of tax including the expenses of traitement and forwarding. We reserve ourselves the right to modify our prices constantly but the products will be invoicees on the basis of tariff in force at the time of the recording of the orders, subject to availability. The products remain our property until the complete payment of the price.

– Article 10 – Availability

Our offers of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, within the limit of stocks available.

– Article 11 – Conformity of the products

We commit ourselves to refund you, or exchanging you the products not corresponding to your order. In this case, we thank you for being so kind as to make state of it in an in writing detailed way and for returning us the products. We will proceed with the exchange or the refunding of the products. The expenses of sending will be refunded to you on the basis of invoiced tariff.

– Article 12 – Service customers

For any information or question, our service customers is with your provision: such:

(+33)4 67 63 98 20

(+33)6 10 20 46 77

Of Monday at Friday of 9h with 12h and 14h with 17h

BANK CARDS : thanks to the system paypal : a simple, safe and fast payment!

  • I give a banking address email like means of payment and not my co-ordinates.
  • I can pay in one moment and consult the detail of my transactions in real time.
  • With paypal, I profit from the one of best technologies of encoding of the market.


You can regulate by emanating cheque in Euros of a French bank, by joining your payment at the same time as your order to the following address :


BP 700 79

34 983 St Gély du Fesc Cedex


Your order will be send as soon as we receive your payment.

The triptiques ones of photographic JYPO

3 reproductions in format 13 X 18, within a framework color drink natural.(Dimension of the triptique one: 50 X 23 cm)

6 currently available models:

Triptique 3
Triptique 1
Triptique 2
Triptique 6
Triptique 4
Triptique 5

Works of JYPO are reproduced on true photographs. 3 formats are proposed to you:

15 X 21 cm: 20 Euros *

20 X 30 cm: 30 Euros *

25 X 38 cm: 50 Euros *

All our photographs are carried out by a professional. The reproductions are followed to at all the stages of their development in order to offering best quality to you. The reproductions are developed while shining with white margin. 15 X 21 20 X 30 25 X 38

Le Sri-lankais tour.JPG Le Sri-lankais tour.JPG Le Sri-lankais tour.JPG

15 x 21              20 x 30                25 x 38

You wish to place an order to JYPO?

Procedure :

-1- Come into contact with the artistic agent of JYPO; Aurélie Ollemann.

-2- Describe with precision the subject which you wish to see creates, desired technique (blood, pastel, oil), like its dimension: precise inches or centimetres.

-3- Forwarded to us a photograph of your subject by e-mail or postal mail: E-mail:

postal Mail :


BP 700 79

34 983 St Gély of Fesc Cedex


Be careful! Any photography judged of bad quality will be refused.

-4- once the agreement made between JYPO and you an installment of 50%, will be required of you. You will have the possibility of sending this installment to us, by cheque with the postal address above, or through protected banking payment. Recall: these steps simple, are made safe and fast.

-5- once your installment paid, you profit from a personal follow-up from advanced of your work, as well as times of its delivery.

Tariffs of works as an indication * :

Blood : – 30 X 40 cm : tariff : 600 Euros + obligatory Framing **: 200 Euros.

TOTAL : 800 Euros

Blood : – 40 X 50 cm : tariff : 1000 Euros + obligatory Framing **: 200 Euros.

TOTAL : 1200 Euros

Pastels : – 30 X 40 cm : tariff: 1800 Euros + obligatory Framing **: 200 Euros.

TOTAL : 2000 Euros

Pastels : – 45 X 60 cm : tariff: 2800 Euros + obligatory Framing **: 200 Euros.

TOTAL : 3000 Euros

Pastels : – 70 X 60 cm: tariff: 3300 Euros + obligatory Framing **: 200 Euros.

TOTAL : 3500 Euros

Oils : the tariffs of oils are established according to the subject as well as its complexity: the prices vary from 3000 Euros to 15 000 Euros.

* The prices can vary according to the sizes and from the subjects. Please consult us to establish an estimate.

** the blood one and the pastel is delicate matters, it is thus essential to frame them, in order to protect them. The framing includes/understands: a framework, a master key everywhere, a net, as well as a pane out of glass.